Monday, November 3, 2008

making forts

One of my favorite things to do is make forts. I make them out of chairs and blankets and cushions from the couch! It's really cool because whenever the kids want to have a fort, they always ask me! And once my brother Andrew told me that I made the best forts. Isn't that so cute?

And sometimes we get to sleep in them at night. I never really get to sleep in it because it's too hot in there. But my 2 little brothers always sleep in there no matter what. Whether it's hot or cold! They love to sleep in forts. They're always asking my mom if they can sleep in there at night.

And I always make tunnels in them. Those are the bedrooms. Me, Cameron, Caleb and Andrew play a game in the fort. It's like we're out in the wilderness and the fort is our house. And Caleb and Andrew are me and Cameron's sons! And we pretend that Andrew is 3 and Caleb is 2. And we pretend that Andrew's name is "Tom" and Caleb's name is "Roger". And so that's really fun to do!