Wednesday, April 1, 2009

going to the surgar shack!

a few days ago we went to a surgar shack with the Jackson's and with the are cousins! first someone showed us around then we got to look at the sap drip out of the tree into the bucket then we got to take the bucket of the tree and into a big huge white tub then the person told us that they also use tubes and they stick them in the tree and the other end to the big tub and the sap drips into the tub. then we tasted some fresh sap from a tree, then we got to watch them make maple syrup they put it in in this very very hot tub to
cook for a long time then they put it in a bottle. we got to taste some maple syrup, then some maple cookies, they were so good that mom bought some syrup for six dollars we had a great time!