Tuesday, March 31, 2009

laughable Leah

I love to spend time with Leah, especially when she is so laughable! Sometimes when she's just like sitting down in her seat I sometimes just look at her and smile and make funny noises. And when I make the funny noises she copies me. It's so cute! Once I changed her diaper. And it was hard, but I did it! I did it well. She also is very laughable when she has just woken up from her nap. I come into her room and start smiling at her and saying "good morning". She just starts laughing and smiling and she is just so glad to see me and it's so funny.

piano lessons

I enjoy having piano lessons from my grandmother. She is a really good piano player! She also teaches 2 of my brothers and 1 of my sisters. I love practicing the piano sometimes because my music is fun to play. It sounds really good sometimes. Someday I think I really want to be really good at the piano. My mother helps me when I need help with my piano. I enjoy it so much!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I was playing outside with Andrew the other day. and i was going to make a horse out of the snow and then i decided to make a snowman instead. so first i made the body. had i to smooth it out after i was done making the body. i had to smooth the top so i could put the middle body on top. so when i started the middle body Andrew decided to help me with the middle body so when he was rolling it out i started on the head. after we were done rolling them out i put the middle body on and the head on. them me and Andrew got some sticks for the arms then we got rocks for the eyes,mouth and buttons. then Andrew got the carrot for the nose then we got the hat and scarf i so much fun.


Leah is now 6 months old she is geting cuter every day! i feel great to be a big sister to Leah! because i love her so much and because she is so cute! she makes a very cute sound like babys do i love her so much.